PK Ranade, CMD, AMTL and Axel Schuler, Head of Mar­ket­ing and Sales, Grasslin, in an in­ter­view.

PK Ranade, CMD, AMTL and Axel Schuler, Head of Mar­ket­ing and Sales, Grasslin, speak about the col­lab­o­ra­tion that they have en­tered into for com­bin­ing AMTL’s in­tel­li­gent me­ters and Grasslin’s time switches to of­fer en­ergy ef­fi­cient me­ter­ing tech­nol­ogy, in

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What are the key prod­ucts/ so­lu­tions that AMTL is cur­rently pro­vid­ing and do you also have an ex­port mar­ket?

PK Ranade: We make in­tel­li­gent me­ters which have the com­mu­ni­ca­tion ca­pa­bil­ity, can report thefts to the util­ity, and can give a sum­mary of the pat­tern of elec­tric­ity con­sump­tion. More­over, when you move to the re­new­able sources or mul­ti­ple sources of in­puts, then th­ese me­ters can keep a count or cal­cu­late the en­ergy com­ing from the key sources sep­a­rately. This is a ne­ces­sity be­fore hav­ing mul­ti­ple in­puts in homes/ of­fices, etc. I see a huge po­ten­tial for th­ese me­ters across the coun­tries.

Grasslin brings to us a group of prod­ucts and so­lu­tions through which we can con­trol the util­i­sa­tion of en­ergy in the houses and stop wastage. Th­ese prod­ucts can help in rais­ing the PLF by con­trol­ling us­age dur­ing peak hours.

Be­sides In­dia, which are the other mar­kets that Grasslin is look­ing at for its range of elec­tri­cal switch prod­ucts?

Axel Schuler: The process is cur­rently in mul­ti­ple coutries in­clud­ing Europe and Asia. The goal here is to find the right solution and pro­gramme the timers ac­cord­ing to the need. For­tu­nately, to­day we have timers that can switch en­ergy in a more in­tel­li­gent way lead­ing to sav­ings. The timer or in­tel­li­gent time switch is a stand-alone prod­uct and works along­side a me­ter. But, we are de­vel­op­ing the process of com­bin­ing it with the me­ter.

How do you see the po­ten­tial of time switches, light and tem­per­a­ture con­trol so­lu­tions in In­dia? Who are your po­ten­tial cus­tomers?

Axel Schuler: Our tar­get au­di­ence would be in­dus­tries, house­holds, of­fices, etc. Ba­si­cally, th­ese so­lu­tions

can be ap­plied in any set-up where au­to­matic power switch­ing is re­quired. The po­ten­tial of th­ese prod­ucts is huge, con­sid­er­ing the level of au­toma­tion hap­pen­ing on the power dis­tri­bu­tion side.

Would you take the dis­trib­u­tors chan­nel to mar­ket and sell your prod­ucts? When can we ex­pect the prod­uct to come into the mar­ket?

PK Ranade: We will cer­tainly se­lect some busi­ness part­ners who will take the prod­ucts to cus­tomers. We plan to start im­me­di­ately and the prod­uct will hit the mar­ket soon.

Does Grasslin have any tech­nol­ogy part­ners? Do you have any plans of set­ting up man­u­fac­tur­ing cen­tres in In­dia?

Axel Schuler: We have our own devel­op­ment process and with In­ter­matic in the back­ground, over­all Grasslin and In­ter­matic to­gether have 58 en­gi­neers who de­velop the prod­ucts. So, the tech­nol­ogy is de­vel­oped by Grasslin or In­ter­matic. As we go along, we would set up a man­u­fac­tur­ing base in In­dia and we are open to the idea of Grasslin and AMTL de­vel­op­ing prod­ucts to­gether.

Do you think the me­ter­ing in­dus­try in In­dia is go­ing through any chal­lenges or hic­cups?

PK Ranade: There are no hic­cups at all. The gov­ern­ment has de­clared the spec­i­fi­ca­tions for me­ters, which are fairly firm. Also, the elec­tric­ity boards are not in a com­pro­mis­ing stage, and will not buy sub stan­dard prod­ucts any­more. They have al­ready lost a lot of money on pur­chas­ing wrong prod­ucts and be­cause of bad me­ter­ing. While they have be­come in­tel­li­gent over the years, there still is a long way to go. The load side man­age­ment re­quires au­toma­tion and th­ese in­tel­li­gent me­ters can re­trieve read­ing from a large num­ber of houses. If some­how the me­ters can cap­ture the con­sump­tion pat­tern, then dis­tri­bu­tion can be­come more mean­ing­ful and op­ti­mum. This is yet to hap­pen and we are hope­ful that with the cur­rent lead­er­ship, it will surely take shape.

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