Why For­give?

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It is dif­fi­cult to for­give some­one who has wronged us [The Face of For­give­ness, June]. Yet, it is an act of courage that el­e­vates the qual­ity of our lives. When we hate oth­ers, we ac­tu­ally give them power—over our sleep, ap­petite, health and hap­pi­ness. It does not hurt the en­emy at all.

Beena Mathur, Pune

What the Pope did to Agca [Edi­tor’s Note, June] was also done to in­nu­mer­able of our an­ti­so­cials and hard­core crim­i­nals. Mis­placed for­give­ness is a con­cept dis­carded by so­ci­ol­o­gists and crim­i­nol­o­gists alike in hard­core­crime sit­u­a­tions. Gand­hiji’s killer, Godse, never re­gret­ted his act. Let us not get car­ried away by pos­i­tive emo­tions.

Ra­manand Shanbhag, Mum­bai

Mr Shanbhag gets this month’s Best Let­ter Prize. —Eds. Years ago, I in­no­cently set up busi­ness with my best friend. But when our busi­ness was thriv­ing, he cheated me, af­ter which I had to use all my sav­ings to clear my li­a­bil­i­ties. Now he is rich and rock­ing and I am poor and lan­guish­ing, un­able to pro­vide a fu­ture for my fam­ily. Do you sug­gest I go hug him and for­give him? If I do so, will I be in the same league as Pope John Paul II?

Srini­vasa Rao Ch, Mysore

R. S. Pil­lai,

It is in­deed shame­ful that a per­son can kill a com­plete stranger just be­cause he prays to an­other god!

Ki­likol­lur, Ker­ala

Dur­ing prayers we ask to be for­given. But what right do we have to be for­given if we our­selves are not pre­pared to for­give oth­ers? Quite sur­pris­ingly, for­giv­ing en­e­mies or

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