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Few civil­ians know what a quar­ter­mas­ter does. So dur­ing my air­craft car­rier’s Fam­ily Day, I demon­strated a pro­ce­dure called semaphore—I grabbed my flags and sig­nalled an imag­i­nary ship. Then I asked a lit­tle girl, “Now do you know what I do?”

She said, “You’re a cheer­leader.”

Danny Sul­li­van

Com­bat rules sol­diers should know:

Never share a fox­hole with any­one braver than you.

Never look im­por­tant; the enemy may be low on ammo.

Never draw fire; it ir­ri­tates ev­ery­one around you.

Never for­get that your weapon is made by the low­est bid­der.

As the wife of a ser­vice­man with four young daugh­ters, I doubted that “mil­i­tary brats” were dif­fer­ent from civil­ian chil­dren. Then one day I was watch­ing my two youngest play­ing with their doll houses. To my sur­prise, they loaded all the fur­ni­ture from each house on to two toy trucks, pushed them across the room, switched houses and re­sumed nor­mal play.


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“Well, well. Look who just flew in un­der the radar.”

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