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“The Day at the Beach” by Arthur Gor­don [Au­gust] was one of the most in­struc­tive pieces I have ever read. It should be made com­pul­sory read­ing for all of us who are in a mad rush, keep­ing ap­point­ments, check­ing e-mails or tex­ting, and have thereby be­come slaves to time.

Ra­jesh­wari Singh, New Delhi

I had read Arthur Gor­don’s ar­ti­cle and was alone at home tak­ing a walk. I then sat to just lis­ten to all that was hap­pen­ing around me. Just by lis­ten­ing, I found pro­found peace and con­tent­ment.

Natya Macha­iah, via e-mail

There is no deny­ing that lis­ten­ing means learn­ing, fo­cus­ing, en­light­en­ing. We re­pent of­ten for what we should not have spo­ken about, but rarely for what we kept quiet about.

Shreeprakash Sharma, Bi­rauli, Bi­har

Mr Sharma gets this month’s Best Let­ter Prize. —Eds

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