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I’m grad­u­at­ing from col­lege next month with a de­gree in arts. It might seem like a mi­nor achieve­ment, but due to many ob­sta­cles, it took a long time to at­tain. I’m plan­ning a celebration, but I’m un­sure about send­ing an­nounce­ments to a few es­tranged rel­a­tives. I don’t wish to see them at the party, and I don’t want to ap­pear as if I want a gift, but I would like them to know of my ac­com­plish­ment. To some ex­tent, they helped me along the way, and I am grate­ful. How should I pro­ceed?

Well, good for you, grad­u­ate! Not only did you earn the diploma, but you’re re­mem­ber­ing those who helped you. That right there is some­thing to cel­e­brate. Work up two an­nounce­ments: one for the par­ty­ing friends and another for those you wish to thank. They will ap­pre­ci­ate it. Prom­ise.

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