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The long­est word in the English lan­guage has 189,819 let­ters. Methionylthre­onylthre­onyl­glu­taminy­larginyl…isoleucine is the chem­i­cal name of the largest known pro­tein, titin. How­ever, lex­i­cog­ra­phers have ar­gued that chem­i­cal com­pounds should not count. In­stead, they sug­gest pneu­monoul­tra­mi­cro-scop­ic­sil­i­co­vol­canoco­nio­sis, which has 45 let­ters and which is a disease of the lungs caused by in­hal­ing very fine ir­ri­tant par­ti­cles, or an­tidis­es­tab­lish­men­tar­i­an­ism, with a mere 28 let­ters. A stronger con­tender is floc­cin­aucini­hilip­il­i­fi­ca­tion at 29 let­ters. It means “the ac­tion or habit of es­ti­mat­ing some­thing as worth­less.”

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