Two Adani Power Cos bag over a third of CIL’S SHAKTI Coal


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Two Adani Power com­pa­nies man­aged to se­cure a shade over one third of the to­tal coal auc­tioned by Coal In­dia un­der the Shakti scheme by of­fer­ing discounts rang­ing be­tween 1 paise per unit and 3 paise per unit over their ex­ist­ing tar­iffs.

Oth­ers in the race were GMR'S power arm, GVK Power, In­land Power, Lal­it­pur Power, ACB In­dia, KSK Ma­hanadi Power and Sai Li­la­gar Power. They were among the 10 com­pa­nies, in­clud­ing Adani, that col­lec­tively man­aged to se­cure 27 mil­lion tonnes (MT) of coal sup­ply con­tracts for 25 years on com­mit­ting to gen­er­ate power at discounts rang­ing be­tween 4 paise per unit and 1 paise per unit over their ex­ist­ing tar­iffs.

Adani Power Ma­ha­rash­tra and Adani Power Ra­jasthan to­gether se­cured sup­plies of 9.9 mil­lion tonnes of coal. The grade they have been al­lo­cated ranged from G6 TO G13. It would be sup­plied from South East­ern Coal­fields' Korba, Mandraigarh, and Korea Rewa mines, Ma­hanadi Coal­fields' Ib­val­ley, Ba­sund­hara and Talcher mines as well as from Western Coal­fields and North­ern Coal­fields.

Coal grade num­bers are in­versely pro­por­tional to their en­ergy con­tent. THE High­est grade on of­fer un­der Shakti was G4 and the low­est grade was G13.

KSK Ma­hanadi Power man­aged to bag the sec­ond largest vol­ume of coal at 6.8 mil­lion tonnes from four mine sources. It of­fered a dis­count of 4 paise per unit for 4.5 mil­lion tonnes of G12 grade which would be sourced from SECL'S Korba and Mandraigarh mines. It also man­aged to se­cure sup­plies of 2.3 mil­lion tonnes at discounts of 2 paise per unit for a mix of G6 and G13 grade coal from SECL'S Korea Rewa mines and Ma­hanadi Coal­field's Ib Val­ley and Ba­sund­hara mines.

The third largest al­lo­ca­tion was made to Lal­it­pur Power Gen­er­a­tion Com­pany Ltd, which man­aged to se­cure 5.6 mil­lion tonnes of coal from SECL (Korea Rewa), NCL, Cen­tral Coal­fields, MCL (Talcher, Ib Val­ley and Ba­sund­hara mines) and ECL by of­fer­ing discounts of 4 paise per unit, 3 paise per unit and 1 paise per unit for grades of coal that range be­tween G4 and G13.

Oth­ers like GMR Kam­langa En­ergy se­cured 1.5 mil­lion tonnes of coal while GVK Power bagged 1.7 mil­lion tonnes. ACB In­dia man­aged to se­cure 200,000 tonnes of coal a year, In­land Power se­cured 67,400 tonnes of coal while Sai Li­la­gar Power Gen­er­a­tion bagged sup­plies of 376,200 tonnes of coal.

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