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Your 20s are the best years to lay down the foun­da­tion of good health. Now is the time to make good fit­ness and healthy eat­ing habits a part of your life.


Build­ing mus­cle and bone den­sity are most im­por­tant for this age group. Global lead­ing holis­tic health guru Dr Mickey Me­hta rec­om­mends, “20 jump­ing jacks with weights, 5 su­per slow push-ups and 10 Suryana­maskars.”


Con­sume plenty of cal­cium. In­clude large por­tions of milk, cheese and yo­ghurt. Avoid crash di­ets. A daily dose of ba­nanas should be in­cluded in one’s diet. Women, es­pe­cially, should in­cor­po­rate food like beans, leafy greens and dates in their diet to avoid ane­mia.


Your basal me­tab­o­lism drops by 1-2% ev­ery decade, and as lean mus­cle de­creases and body fat in­creases, you don’t need as many calo­ries to sus­tain your­self. EX­ER­CISE! Dr Mickey Me­hta sug­gests, “Do in­ter­val work­outs which burn more calo­ries in less time. Also, aim at spend­ing at least 2-3 days a week on car­dio.”


Set aside some time for reg­u­lar meals and healthy snack­ing. Women try­ing to con­ceive should in­clude folic acid sup­ple­ments in their diet and eat fo­li­ate-rich food.


This is the decade of the triple whammy: Grav­ity, hor­mones and yet more slow­ing down of me­tab­o­lism as lean mus­cle mass con­tin­ues to de­crease, while body fat in­creases.


The main fo­cus should be on re­duc­ing mus­cle loss as well as main­tain­ing your car­dio­vas­cu­lar strength. Dr Mickey Me­hta opines, “Car­dio work­outs, at least thrice a week, are cru­cial for keep­ing weight un­der con­trol, and so is re­sis­tance train­ing.”


Keep your body well supplied with iron as it pro­vides vi­tal­ity and helps your im­mune sys­tem func­tion at its best. Also, keep your al­co­hol in­take in check. Drink­ing re­spon­si­bly reaps health ben­e­fits such as re­duc­ing heart dis­ease.


It is now cru­cial to stay ac­tive and watch what you eat. Health prob­lems like high choles­terol, high blood pres­sure and Type 2 di­a­betes are most com­mon in this age group. EX­ER­CISE! Dr Mickey Me­hta rec­om­mends in­cor­po­rat­ing work­outs like yoga, pi­lates and pranayama in your daily rou­tine. Make sure you con­sult your doc­tor prior to en­gag­ing in any phys­i­cal ac­tiv­ity.


Hor­monal changes ac­cel­er­ate rapidly, caus­ing loss of cal­cium which in­creases the risk of os­teo­poro­sis. In or­der to coun­ter­act this, it is im­por­tant to eat at least three serv­ings of low fat and cal­cium-rich food on a reg­u­lar ba­sis.

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