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“Love your­self. Enough to take the ac­tions re­quired for your hap­pi­ness. Enough to cut your­self loose from the drama-filled past. Enough to set a high stan­dard for re­la­tion­ships. Enough to feed your mind and body in a healthy man­ner. Enough to for­give your­self. Enough to move on.” — Steve Maraboli, be­havioural sci­en­tist

is the con­tem­po­rary buzz­word – whether we’re dis­cussing scrump­tious palate pleasers, win­some wid­gets or ex­cit­ing love in­ter­ests… In keep­ing with this glo­cal mind­set, we de­cided to ded­i­cate our Inde

pen­dence Day Spe­cial to glo­cal women politi­cians. They’re a breed of politi­cos who add sub­stance, spice ‘n’ style to the in­ter­na­tional po­lit­i­cal field. 10 such brave hearts – from Croa­tia to New Zealand to Is­rael and beyond – have made it to our In­de­pen­dence Day Spe­cial. Their moves, their mo­ti­vat­ing ways, their magic… get to know th­ese women who’re on a mis­sion; out to make a state­ment and a dif­fer­ence. One politi­cian who’s been mo­nop­o­liz­ing the glo­cal spot­light is Im­ran Khan, Pak­istan’s newly elected Prime Min­is­ter… Rewind Savvy brings you an ex­clu­sive in­ter­view he gave ac­tress-ac­tivist Sha­bana Azmi for ‘SAVVY’ in Au­gust 1984. De­spite it be­ing three decades and count­ing, the in­ter­ac­tion is fresh as dew and fiery as the Carolina Reaper chilli. Women, mar­riage, cricket, films, In­dia… Sha­bana Azmi shoots from the lip and Im­ran Khan – some­times mis­chie­vously, some­times se­ri­ously – shoots right back! It’s an in­fo­tain­ing in­sight into the man of the moment. It’s been 34 years since this in­ter­view… ob­vi­ously life has un­folded and Im­ran Khan has evolved. Rewind Up­date traces his tra­jec­tory – the good, bad and the ugly; the lows and highs, the weak and the win­ning mo­ments. And it un­der­scores one truth about the man – whether he’s the cor­nered tiger or not, he al­ways roars with vigour ‘n’ flam­boy­ance! Roar­ing her way onto the cover of ‘SAVVY’ is Aar­tii Naagpal – ac­tress-cum-en­thu­si­as­tic mum. The lady’s I Be­lieve – a shock­ing story of strife ‘n’ strength – will leave you shaken. Read it to know how an­guished Aar­tii strug­gled for years to fi­nally move from brow­beaten sub­mis­sion to steely re­solve. I truly be­lieve self-re­spect is the great­est at­tribute to pos­sess. When we don’t have it, we de­gen­er­ate dis­tress­ingly. If liv­ing with dig­nity and de­light is our goal, we have to cul­ti­vate self-re­spect. And if we haven’t so far, let’s be­gin now.

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