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Gla­ma­zon in­dus­tri­al­ist Shee­tal Mafat­lal helps you stride for­ward fash­ion­ably.

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I fancy wear­ing crop tops, but it seems like an im­pos­si­ble task as I am al­ways con­scious about my camel toe. It would be great to have some help and in­sights on how to avoid it and dress with more con­fi­dence…

Se­jal Shah, Mum­bai

Camel toe is a prob­lem when you wear very tight fit­ted clothes around the crotch area. It is usu­ally cre­ated if the fab­ric is not of good qual­ity, the gar­ment is ill-fit­ted or if it is just overly tight. In gen­eral, you should avoid wear­ing clothes that are not flat­ter­ing.

How­ever, you can wear your crop tops with con­fi­dence and flaunt your abs... Den­ims – whether jeans or shorts – look great with crop tops. You can dress it up with a jacket over it and killer heels, or keep it ca­sual with trendy train­ers or slid­ers. Al­ter­na­tively, wear it with a fit­ted or flow­ing skirt. Flaunt your abs but not your camel toe!

Power dress­ing is a con­cept that I sim­ply adore, but I am more com­fort­able in In­dian wear. Please share some tips on how I can dress like a boss in eth­nic cloth­ing. Kara Pal, Kolkata Part of be­ing a leader is also dress­ing the part. Power dress­ing is a con­cept that was cre­ated by women to fit in as they made a foray into the cor­po­rate world once dom­i­nated by only men. While women need to dress to ex­ude power, please don’t lose your fem­i­nine side in the process. Since you pre­fer tra­di­tional at­tire, you have a big choice be­gin­ning with my per­sonal favourite - the sari. It is tra­di­tional, fem­i­nine, pow­er­ful and can be dressed up or down de­pend­ing on the oc­ca­sion. The power of the sari de­pends on the drap­ing, so make sure you master the art of drap­ing. A sari can be worn with a tra­di­tional blouse with a boat neck and three­fourth sleeves, or even with a round neck jacket to give it a more con­tem­po­rary look. Of course, you will need an ele­gant hairdo and a light touch of makeup to com­plete the look. Other than a sari, you can also wear col­lared kur­tas with cig­a­rette pants or churi­dars. Don’t for­get the bindi - it al­ways makes a state­ment.

I’m a big Ken­dall Jen­ner fan and try to copy her style. I do have a lean fig­ure, but are there any rules I need to fol­low to make her looks work for me? Sapna Jain, Mum­bai If you look like Ken­dall Jen­ner, you don’t need any advice from me! With her type of lean body, you can be as ver­sa­tile as her. There is noth­ing you can­not wear. Go ex­per­i­ment and have fun with fash­ion. My only advice will be al­ways dress ap­pro­pri­ately for the oc­ca­sion. Be con­ser­va­tive when needed and throw cau­tion to the winds when you can. Don’t for­get to send me pic­tures!

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