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I have a good life­style, but in­vari­ably I com­pare my life with oth­ers which puts me in a bad mood. What should I do to con­trol this feel­ing?

Sab­rina Khanna, Mumbai

Sab­rina, that’s the worst place to be in. One should be con­tent with what one has. By com­par­ing, you are mess­ing your mind. Al­ways look at peo­ple who are less blessed than you and be thank­ful.

My hus­band and I want to shift to a new home. He wants to look for a place in our cur­rent lo­cal­ity, I want a place which is close to my work so that I can reach home quickly and take care of our child. He doesn’t seem to un­der­stand this. How should I get this through his thick skull?

An­jana Reddy, Hy­der­abad

You do need to put some sense into your hus­band’s mind, An­jana, and ex­plain the ne­ces­sity to be home longer for the fu­ture of your child. Your child will need your care.

You have not men­tioned the dis­tance from your home to your hus­band’s place of work. The only rea­son I think your hus­band doesn’t want to move is be­cause he must be hav­ing friends in your present lo­cal­ity!

My sis­ter’s friend thinks she is very beau­ti­ful and is con­stantly bul­ly­ing her boyfriend about his looks. He, on the other hand, is un­able to stand up for him­self and con­tin­ues to be with her in spite of her be­hav­iour. I don’t know how to re­solve the sit­u­a­tion with­out get­ting my sis­ter into trou­ble. Please help.

Aye­sha Subra­ma­niam, Ra­jkot

Aye­sha, there seems to be no is­sue as he is stick­ing by her even though she is bul­ly­ing him. Maybe he is obsessed with her. I ad­vise you not to in­ter­fere un­less he asks for help.

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