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Global holis­tic health guru Dr Mickey Mehta helps you trans­form.

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I’m 17, 5’8”, trim and have a big butt which looks quite sexy. All my friends tell me I’m blessed to have a big butt. Though I’m happy with it right now, what ex­er­cises can I do to en­sure that it con­tin­ues to stay in shape? Shruti Mehta, Mum­bai

As much as shape is im­por­tant, the ef­fi­ciency of the body and agility is also im­por­tant. The ex­er­cises that would help are: Bridge pose: Great way to strengthen the lower back as well as tone the glutes. Sumo squats: In­cluded in the Brazil­ian butt lift work­out. Tremen­dous for ton­ing. Sun salu­ta­tion: Works the en­tire body, in­clud­ing the butt, while stretch­ing the ham­strings and thighs. Ex­plo­sive lunges: Great for the butt, while im­prov­ing bal­ance and co­or­di­na­tion. Squat with kick back: Helps tone the quads and butt.

I’m 30 and though my bust is in good shape right now, I want to plan against sag­ging breasts at a later date. Please share some diet and ex­er­cise cues for a firm bust.

Nee­lam Singh, Delhi

Our nutri­tion should be plant-based, and pro­teins should be a good part of it along with qual­ity car­bo­hy­drates. Most im­por­tantly, make sure you sleep well and stay hy­drated to main­tain the elas­tic­ity of your skin. In­clude ex­er­cises like: Cat stretch. Hold­ing plank. Lie down on a Bosu ball/ a few pil­lows/ a pouf and per­form chest flies. Iso­met­ric chest press. Pull over us­ing re­sis­tance bands. It’s good to ex­er­cise for the bust, but do not bust your bust. You can cer­tainly de­lay the sag­ging with a good life­style, so keep at it to de­lay it as much as pos­si­ble.

I am 45 and 10 kgs over­weight for my height. I walk at a de­cently brisk pace 2 hours at a stretch thrice a week, cov­er­ing around 8 km. Do you think this will help me re­duce? Shee­tal Suri, Mum­bai

Along­side walk­ing, on the re­main­ing days you should cy­cle, bounce, stretch, dance, swim and if pos­si­ble, play a sport. Tak­ing reg­u­lar mas­sages would help you re­lax and get ready for the next day’s work­out. Let work­ing out be a cel­e­bra­tion, not a pun­ish­ment.

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