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De­scribe your per­sonal sense of style.

Shar­namli is the chic, fo­cus­ing more on sil­hou­ettes. Whereas I (Mi­tali) pre­fer com­fort­able dress­ing and a lot of prints.

What im­age would you like to project to the world?

Shar­namli: Epit­ome of work and fam­ily bal­ance since I have a child. Mi­tali: Style and com­fort go hand in hand, you just need the con­fi­dence to carry your­self with panache.

Your big­gest fash­ion fear?

Fash­ion to us is an ex­ten­sion of our­selves. And there’s noth­ing about our­selves that we fear.

Big­gest style chal­lenge that drives you crazy?

To strike a bal­ance between the trends we be­lieve in vs. The ones preva­lent in to­day’s time.

What’s an av­er­age week like re­gard­ing your wardrobe de­mands in­clud­ing work at­tire, ca­sual at­tire and out­fits for spe­cific ac­tiv­i­ties?

Shar­namli: What’s a week? I don’t think I can mea­sure time any­more, since I’m all the time on my toes man­ag­ing my fam­ily and my busi­ness, so the out­fits need to be kept ready,looks need to be pre­pared in ad­vance so that I can man­age my time bet­ter. Mi­tali: I have a la­bel of my own, so clothes for me have never been a prob­lem. I could at­tend 5 events and clothes will be never be a prob­lem!

How do your friends de­scribe you?

Shar­namli: The one with all the luck Mi­tali: Wild Child! Is your ap­pear­ance /style im­por­tant to you?

Shar­namli: Yes! We’re in an in­dus­try where your ap­pear­ance is the radar of how much knowl­edge you have of Fash­ion. Mi­tali: Yes, of course. In fact we have no­ticed that our per­sonal style is what works the most on our so­cial me­dia cam­paigns. So we do take care of our ap­pear­ance .

Your most com­mon fash­ion emer­gency?

Shar­namli: Hat­ing what I’m wear­ing right be­fore I walk out of the door!

Which are your top 5 stores for ac­ces­sories ?

Shar­namli: Gucci, Dior, Top­shop, Out­house Jew­ellery, Am­ra­pali Mi­tali: Nee­dle Dust and Fizzy Goblet - for In­dian and western jut­tis.hair drama - for hair bands and tur­bans, Out­house- for eye grab­bing, state­ment pieces

How do you re­act to trends?

Shar­namli: I love fol­low­ing fash­ion and in­cor­po­rat­ing new trends into my wardrobe that suit my per­son­al­ity and style! Mi­tali: Trends are great, you pick and choose what suits you and you en­joy wear­ing. Rest can be junked.

A trend you would never be seen wear­ing?

Shar­namli: Fig­ure hug­ging clothes (Bandage dresses). Mi­tali: I’ll never be seen wear­ing the over­sized sneak­ers. They’re truly an eye sore.

What has been your big­gest wardrobe binge, so far?

Shar­namli: Lat­est binge is the Dior sad­dle bag I re­cently got and I ab­so­lutely can’t get enough of it! Mi­tali: Torn jeans I have them in ev­ery shade of blue black and white. Prob­a­bly over 20 pairs of torn jeans.

The watch you wear for an evening about town?

Mi­tali: My dad’s hand me down. Chopard.

Your favourite brand?

Shar­namli: Gucci. Mi­tali: At the cost of sound­ing vain my fa­vorite cloth­ing brand goes by the name of Mi­tali Wad­hwa. So on trend and ab­so­lutely com­fort­able!

Ac­ces­sories you like col­lect­ing?

Shar­namli: Bags and shoes.

Favourite shop­ping des­ti­na­tion?

Shar­namli: Lon­don. Shoe/ac­ces­sory brand that you would love to see in In­dia?

Shar­namli: Aquazurra Mi­tali: I can­not wait to see Prada in In­dia!

Favourite shoe brand?

Shar­namli: Gucci has the most com­fort­able shoes ever! Mi­tali: I don’t par­tic­u­larly have a favourite shoe brand. I pick up shoes/flats/wedges wher­ever I travel as long as they’re com­fort­able. My shoe cup­board is over­loaded.

What’s your one vice?

Shar­namli: Hoard­ing too many clothes! Mi­tali: I can sleep over 16 hours if I’m al­lowed to.

Which per­son do you ad­mire the most? And why?

Shar­namli: Eva Chen, be­cause of her abil­ity to reach the heights that she has as pre­vi­ously an ed­i­tor and now as an en­tre­pre­neur and be­cause she is a achiev­ing all this and more, and is also be­ing a young par­ent at the same time. Mi­tali: My mum! So calm and pa­tient. If I were even half of that I’d be blessed!

What do you think is your most valu­able trait?

Shar­namli: Dis­ci­pline Mi­tali: I can mul­ti­task! And I don’t get phased very eas­ily. And su­per faith in the uni­verse.

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