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Quest Mall is not only an eco-friendly mall but also a green mall with a plat­inum rat­ing. This means it has every­thing re­quired to stay ahead of other malls in the re­gion. While the de­sign was a con­straint to start with, the mall man­age­ment worked with it to get the best out of it. The de­sign is unique and in­cludes el­e­ments like in light­ing at all the coun­ters. The coun­ters them­selves are sym­met­ri­cal. There is also a seat­ing plan over glass floors along with an open area which is at the roof of the mall. San­jeev Mehra, VP, Quest Prop­er­ties In­dia Lim­ited, high­lights the fun­da­men­tal points to cre­ate a world class mall. They are:

Re­mem­ber you are build­ing a mall not a mau­soleum i.e. you want peo­ple to come again and again, so build it right the ͤrst time. You can al­ways keep tweak­ing it from time to time. Get sub­ject mat­ter ex­perts. The right ar­chi­tects with the right de­sign­ers with right MEP are crit­i­cal.

Know who you are build­ing the mall for. Do not go for some­thing which you saw in Amer­ica and ex­pect it to work in In­dia. Each com­mu­nity is very dif­fer­ent and be­haves very dif­fer­ently, there­fore so­cio-eco­nomic fac­tors and bonds be­tween peo­ple of­ten deͤne com­mu­nity spa­ces and be­hav­iour of how the money should be spent.

The size of the mall and its lo­ca­tion are crit­i­cal and deͤn­ing fac­tors as fu­ture plans and strate­gies are based on these. The de­sign­ing and ar­chi­tec­ture of Quest Mall was done by RTKL (Lon­don). The graphic con­cept was de­vel­oped by ID 8 En­vi­ron­men­tal, also they had Bliss Fas­man Inc. as Light­ing Con­cept Con­sul­tants, Sqft Con­sult­ing as Re­tail Con­sul­tants, Agar­wal & Agar­wal as Project Ar­chi­tect, Cush­man & Wakeͤeld as project man­age­ment Con­sul­tant, GFK Mode as Con­sumer Re­search Con­sul­tant, SPA Con­sul­tants as Struc­tural En­gi­neer and En­task as Ser­vice Con­sul­tants. The mall was con­structed by L&T.

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