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ac­cept the widest range of older lenses. This, plus the fact that most CSCs of­fer Aper­ture Pri­or­ity au­to­ma­tion and sev­eral fo­cussing aids has led to many peo­ple to start us­ing their old lenses, many of which give ex­cel­lent im­age qual­ity and have a sold build. Plus, there is al­ways the de­light of man­ual fo­cussing. Some of the older gen­er­a­tion MF lenses (ex­am­ple Canon FD, Olym­pus OM se­ries), while are ex­cel­lent even by to­day’s stan­dards, can’t be used on cur­rent cam­eras at all as no com­pat­i­ble cam­eras are be­ing made. These were re­ally at a dead end till CSCs and adapters gave them a new lease of life. The best part is that both – the old lenses and the adapters – cost just a frac­tion of cur­rent lenses. While you have a few con­straints (like lack of AF, etc.) they are ca­pa­ble of great re­sults. Try them and you will be pleas­antly sur­prised.

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