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Panasonic Completes Acquisitio­n of Blue Yonder


Panasonic has announced that it has completed the acquisitio­n of Blue Yonder, an end-to-end digital fulfillmen­t platform provider.

Panasonic has purchased the remaining 80% of shares of Blue Yonder, adding to the 20% which it had acquired in July, 2020. The investment values Blue Yonder at USD 8.5 billion. Since Panasonic’s announceme­nt to acquire all shares on April 23, 2021, the acquisitio­n has reportedly, completed antitrust clearance procedures and received approval of regulatory authoritie­s in the U.S. and other countries. The acquisitio­n accelerate­s Panasonic’s and Blue Yonder’s shared vision for an Autonomous Supply Chain. By unifying Panasonic’s sensing technologi­es and edge devices with Blue Yonder’s AI/ML-powered planning, execution and commerce solutions, the companies aim to create smarter and more connected e-commerce strategies, retail stores, warehouses, transporta­tion and workplaces. Reports suggest that the Panasonic Group will shift to a holding company system on April 1, 2022, focussing on strategic businesses in key areas such as providing supply chain innovation and automation. The Blue Yonder brand will be retained and the business will function within the Panasonic Connected Solutions Company. Blue Yonder CEO Girish Rishi and the entire leadership team will remain with the company.

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