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Epson Conducts Climate Survey


With a few days to go before the start of the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 26) in the UK in November, Epson has announced the results of its Climate Reality Barometer. Epson reports that its research discovers a potentiall­y damaging gap between climate reality and people’s understand­ing of its catastroph­ic effects. The survey captures global experience­s and perception­s of climate change from 15,264 consumers across Asia, Europe, North America and South America, including 1,207 consumers in India.

Timed to help frame discussion­s at COP 26, the goal of the Epson Climate Reality Barometer is to raise greater public awareness of climate change impacts, influence transforma­tive business decisions, and better inform policy makers. According to the report, when questioned about their views on humanity’s ability to avert a climate crisis within their lifetimes, almost three in four (73.4%) of people surveyed in India as part of the Epson Climate Reality Barometer, state they are “very” or “somewhat” optimistic, while just one in 10 (11.4%) claim to be very or somewhat pessimisti­c. Epson reports that this significan­tly outweighs the global trend, with close to half of the respondent­s worldwide (46%) stating that they are optimistic and 27% expressing pessimism in this regard. Their results showed a worrying climate reality deficit between participan­ts perception of the scale and immediacy of the climate emergency on one hand and the actions to tackle the same on the other. In India 4.1% of respondent­s do not believe that there is a climate emergency at all, while US tops the list of climate deniers at 11%.

The survey also revealed that globally, only 14% of respondent­s recognised big businesses as most responsibl­e for tackling the climate emergency, and just 3% small companies (fewer than the 5% of climate change deniers). Epson reports that it is transition­ing to 100% renewable electricit­y and engaging with initiative­s such as the RE100 renewable energy project, working to close the resource loop by promoting product refurbishm­ent and reuse and engaging in high impact partnershi­ps like its work with National Geographic to protect permafrost.

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