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Irix Announces New Line of Variable ND Filters


Irix recently announced the release of the ultrathin Irix Edge variable neutral density (VND) filters. The Irix Edge VariND 2–5 filters come with coated aluminium and ‘high-quality’ glass with 24 coatings. The filters measure 4.7 mm in thickness in the Magnetic Mount System (MMS) version and 6.2 mm in the screw-in version. As the name suggests, these filters block 2 to 5 stops of light by twisting the front filter. The MMS version uses the magnets inside Irix’s cinema lenses to easily put the filter on and take it off as required.

The Irix Edge Vari-ND 2-5 filters are available for 67 mm, 72 mm, 82 mm, 86 mm and 95 mm (screw-in version) front filter threads and the MMS version is available in the 95 mm front filter thread size. The price ranges between USD 130 (for the 67 mm screw-in model) and USD 242 (for the 95 mm model) while the magnetic version retails at USD 255.

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