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Samyang Unmasks XEEN Cinema Lenses


Samyang has announced four new XEEN lenses, including three Meister Cinema lenses (35 mm t/1.3, 50 mm t/1.3, 85 mm t/1.3) and a single 2x anamorphic lens (50 mm t/2.3).

The three XEEN Meister cine-prime lenses are designed for cameras featuring up to 8K resolution and come with Samyang’s proprietar­y X-coating technology. The lenses offer the same t/1.3 apertures with a 13-blade aperture diaphragm across the entire range. Each lens has a 300 degree angle of rotation for the geared focus ring, 92 degree angle of rotation for the aperture ring, a 114 mm front filter thread and measures 127 mm in diameter. According to XEEN, the lenses are available for Canon EF, PL and Sony E-mount cameras. The PL mount version supports i Technology protocol, which enables cameras to automatica­lly record the accurate lens meta data such as focal length, aperture and focus distance. All three lenses feature a carbon fibre and metal constructi­on with luminescen­t aperture and focus marks.

The 50 mm t/2.3 2x anamorphic lens is made from carbon fibre and metal. It comes with a 114 mm front filter thread, measures 128 mm in diameter and has a 300 degree angle of rotation for the focus ring. The aperture ring has a 89.5 degree angle of rotation.

The PL-mount XEEN Anamorphic lens covers 2.55:1 CinemaScop­e format, includes a 15-blade aperture diaphragm, features luminescen­t paint markers for aperture and focus and has a minimum focussing distance of 1 m. No pricing or availabili­ty related informatio­n has been provided as of now.

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