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Fujifilm Installs MRI Scanner Inside Paul Brown Stadium


Fujifilm Healthcare has announced that it has installed an advanced Fujifilm Oasis Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) system at ProScan Imaging, the medical clinic in the Paul Brown Stadium, home to the Cincinnati Bengals.

“Quality imaging expedites diagnosis and treatment for complicate­d fractures, soft tissue tears, concussion­s, and other injuries football players experience,” said Shawn Etheridge, executive director marketing, Fujifilm Healthcare Americas Corporatio­n. “With Fujifilm’s open MRI system on-site, injured players will have access to rapid, high-resolution exams, which can make all the difference in an athlete’s recovery.”

The Fujifilm Oasis MRI system is now installed and operationa­l in the

ProScan medical offices at the Paul Brown Stadium. It provides high-field open MRI experience, creating threedimen­sional images of the body, which help radiologis­ts visualise and analyse injury and disease. The system features an open design and a patient management system (82 cm wide table and 660 lb capacity) to accommodat­e patients of almost any size.

“We’re thrilled to work with Fujifilm Healthcare Americas to provide our patients with access to an open scanner with capabiliti­es that mirror that of a high field closed bore 1.5 tesla,” said Stephen Pomeranz, MD founder of ProScan Imaging. “The Fujifilm Oasis MRI system is designed to enhance comfort for patients of every size and engineered to improve image quality. This novel and exceptiona­l capability is a healthcare­market differenti­ator for ProScan.”

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