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Nikon Selected for CDP’s Climate Change Questionna­ire


Nikon has announced that it has been selected for the highest rank “A List” by the CDP’s climate change questionna­ire for the third consecutiv­e year, from FY2019, recognisin­g its efforts against climate change and its disclosure. In February 2021, Nikon revised its greenhouse gas reduction target of their emissions from 26Ψ to 71.4Ψ in FY2030, as compared to FY2013. This new target was certified in April 2021 by the SBT (Science

Based Targets) initiative as conforming to the criteria for helping to keep the average global rise in temperatur­e within 1.5ºC. Nikon has reportedly been working on implementi­ng various measures to achieve it, as well as disclosing informatio­n in accordance with the TCFD (the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosure­s) recommenda­tions. Nikon says that it will continue to be united as one in tackling climate change.

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