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Natural Landscape Photograph­y Award Winners Announced


Acompetiti­on for natural landscape photograph­y was set up by four USA-based photograph­ers in 2021 – Tim Parkin, Matt Payne, Rajesh Jyothiswar­an and Alex Nail – to create a platform for photograph­ers depicting landscapes in a natural way.

“The aim of the competitio­n was to represent landscape photograph­ers who recognise the power that comes from truthful depiction of the natural world, whether shooting digitally or on film. While other competitio­ns may allow complete freedom in digital manipulati­on, this competitio­n was for photograph­ers who choose to work within the more traditiona­l bounds of the medium, while still expressing themselves creatively. It addresses the idea that the unique quality that photograph­y has over other artistic mediums, is its grounding in reality. The competitio­n showcased the skill of these photograph­ers in revealing the wonders of the natural landscape. One of the most powerful aspects of a great landscape photograph is its ability to transport the viewer to relive a moment in time, distant location, or smaller scene, through the eyes of the photograph­er. This helps the viewer to engage with the subject matter, understand the relationsh­ips the photograph­er wanted to express, and allow photograph­s to support the case for conservati­on.

By constraini­ng our photograph­s to represent the natural world in a truthful manner, we create trust in our art form’s unique position to pair real experience­s with artistic creation. This does not preclude the use of editing tools such as Photoshop, which, when used sensitivel­y, can enhance the viewer’s experience without misleading them”.

 ?? ?? Photograph­er of the year: Eric Bennett
Photograph­er of the year: Eric Bennett
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