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Canon Hosts ‘Capture – The Heart of Action’ Event


Canon recently held an event at Taj, Bengaluru titled ‘Capture – The Heart of Action’. An exclusive affair, this ‘immersive’ hands-on experience event showcased Canon’s wide range of Mirrorless cameras, Cinema cameras and range of RF lenses with the spotlight on its latest EOS R͵ camera and irtual Reality Lens. Celebrity photograph­ers Ankit Singh, Astro Mohan, Phillip Ross and Sachin Rai also attended the event.

C. Sukumaran, Director- Consumer System Products and Imaging Communicat­ion Business, Canon India said, “We are so delighted to have received participat­ion from over 1400 profession­al photograph­ers across cities in South India for ‘Capture’. As we envisioned the event to not only introduce our diverse offerings but also create immersive experience­s, the interest from the intended audience has provided an impetus to our planning and strategisi­ng of such regional events across the country. The dedicated reallife zones paired with product briefing sessions really brought the event alive and allowed attendees to understand the nuances and limitless capabiliti­es of our technology. At the spotlight were the EOS

R͵ and irtual Reality Lens i.e., RFͷ.2 mm f/2.8 L Dual Fisheye, which were introduced to the public for the first time and garnered maximum eyeballs. We look forward to the new year, wherein we take ‘Capture’ to the rest of the nation.”

The event recreated wedding rituals such as Haldi, alongside setting up demo zones of a ‘Mandap’ and a reception ceremony. Taking customer experience­s into account, there was a sports zone where the customers got a chance to shoot profession­al Table Tennis players in action. A special zone was created for cinematogr­aphers where profession­al dancers were performing Salsa and

Tango. For profession­al content creators to create high quality VR content, a VR zone was set up as well.

For the safety of attendees, all Covid-19 protocols as per state regulation­s were reportedly adhered to at the event. It was mandatory for all attendees to carry double-vaccinatio­n proof and incase of single dose of vaccinatio­n, a negative RTPCR report taken within 72 hours.

Canon says that it plans to organise such experience­s across India, with the next destinatio­ns spanning across North, West and East India in the beginning of 2022.

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