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2022 Pulitzer Prize Winners Announced


The Pulitzer prize winners of 2022 were announced recently. The winners of the Feature Photograph­y category included Adnan Abidi, Sanna Irshad Mattoo, Amit Dave and the late Danish Siddiqui of Reuters. This prize is awarded for ‘a distinguis­hed example of feature photograph­y in black and white or colour, which may consist of a photograph or photograph­s’. The award also includes a cash prize of fifteen thousand dollars (USD 15,000).

The feature photograph­y winners submitted images of COVID’s toll in India that balanced intimacy and devastatio­n, while offering viewers a heightened sense of place. Also nominated as finalists, under the Feature Photograph­y category were Gabrielle Lurie of the San Francisco Chronicle and photograph­y staff of Reuters.

The jury for the same included Emilio Garcia-Ruiz (Editor in Chief, San Francisco Chronicle), Cathaleen Curtiss (Director of Photograph­y, The Buffalo News), Carol Guzy (Independen­t Photojourn­alist, Arlington, Va.), Ryan Christophe­r Jones (Photojourn­alist, Clovis, Calif.) and Kimi Yoshino (Editor-in-Chief, The Baltimore Banner). Adnan Abidi is an Indian Pulitzer Prizewinni­ng photojourn­alist and has been a part of two Pulitzer Prize-winning packages for photograph­y, including the Rohingya exodus in 2018 and the Hong Kong protests in 2020. He is currently based in New Delhi, from where he covers national and internatio­nal assignment­s as Senior Photograph­er for Reuters.

Sanna Irshad Mattoo is a photojourn­alist and documentar­y photograph­er based in Kashmir. Her work concentrat­es on depicting tension between the seeming ordinarine­ss of life and the stark symbols of a militarise­d milieu of Kashmir. She presently contribute­s to Reuters as a Multimedia Journalist.

Amit Dave is an Indian photojourn­alist with three decades of experience. Amit joined Reuters in 2002 and has covered riots, the aftermath of an earthquake in Gujarat, droughts and the Indian Ocean Tsunami in South India. He currently covers local and national news assignment­s for Reuters. Danish Siddiqui was an Indian Pulitzer Prize-winning photojourn­alist and the Chief Photograph­er for Reuters, based in India. He received the 2018 Pulitzer Prize for Feature Photograph­y, as part of a team of photograph­ers, for documentin­g the Rohingya refugee crisis. In 2021, he was killed while covering a clash between Afghan security forces and Taliban forces in Spin Boldak, near the Pakistan border.

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Danish Siddiqi
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Amit Dave
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Sanna Irshad Mattoo
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Adnan Abidi

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