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Ashok Kandimalla


Ashok Kandimalla has been in the photograph­ic ϐield for over three decades and has extensive experience in both ϐilm and digital photograph­y. Being an electronic­s engineer by profession and a photograph­er, he possesses a uni“ue and deep insight into the technical aspects of digital photograph­y and e“uipment. He has published more than a 100 articles on photograph­y and some of his writings have also been published in the wellǦknown internatio­nal magazine Popular

Photograph­y. An avid collector of photograph­ic books and vintage cameras, Ashok has a keen interest in the history of photograph­y and a passion for sharing his knowledge on photograph­y through teaching and writing. He is the only Indian photograph­er to be featured on the Nikon Centenary website. He is presently working as a Management and Engineerin­g consutant.

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