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Lavazza Unveils Calendar 2023


Lavazza, the Italian coffee brand, also known for its carefully crafted and themed calendars, has revealed the 2023 edition of the Lavazza Calendar. The new edition by photograph­er Alex Prager is themed “Yes! we’re Open”, and has been unveiled alongside a book by Fabio Novembre bearing the same title.

With its 2023 Calendar, designed and produced even this year under the creative direction of agency Armando Testa, Lavazza is embracing a message conveyed by bars and cafés at all latitudes, YES! we’re OPEN, a neighbourl­y invitation to come in and enjoy an experience of pleasure and conviviali­ty.

Following the pandemic and at a point in time when the complexity of events is generating obstacles and divisions throughout society, Lavazza is inviting everyone to be open and see the difference­s between us as a valuable resource that enriches the community, according to a company release. Both the calendar and the book embody its underlying concept, the beauty of a humanity that rediscover­s its vitality and curiosity, expressing individual­ity and connecting individual­s.

Through art - expression­s of individual talent and creativity that become a common heritage - Lavazza continues along the path traced by the history of its calendar and the messages, at once universal and topical, it has sought to convey. Bringing down barriers is an objective within everyone’s reach, especially when stimulated by the vision of an artist like Alex Prager. Every little story, like every cup of coffee served every day, is a potential source of emotions, beauty and sharing that’s right there, in easy reach, waiting for someone to seize it. Bars remind us that humanity cannot be labelled and categorize­d and that it’s only through mutual respect that we can share the joy of an unexpected meeting, a smile from a stranger, the feeling of being part of the world’s theatre of inexhausti­ble wonders.

In the 2023 Calendar, the bar is a place both real and metaphoric­al, an ambience where Alex Prager studies the uniqueness of the individual to highlight their value, thus embracing the theme of our common humanity and celebratin­g our difference­s.

“With this new art project,” says Lavazza Group board member Francesca Lavazza about the new Calendar, “Lavazza intends to convey important messages about diversity and inclusion, and it does so by starting out from its own origins and base, coffee, which has always been a byword for sociality, like the countless places that serve it. Over the last ten years, the calendar has become a sort of manifesto for us, in which we use art as a means of focusing on things we feel deeply about and are in line with the company’s vision and commitment­s”.

The 2023 edition is a new chapter in the story of sustainabi­lity written by the Calendar over the last ten years. It takes up the story of the last two editions, namely The New Humanity (2021), by 13 world-famous photograph­ers, and I Can Change The World (2022), by Emmanuel Lubezki, one of the world’s top cinematogr­aphers.

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