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Girish and Hridgandha Mistry. Husband and wife team. They run the Shari Academy of Profession­al Photograph­y. A 30-year-old institute based in Mumbai.

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Question: Why does Shari Academy of Profession­al Photograph­y insist upon students creating a printed portfolio of images?

Response by Girish Mistry: The Shari Academy is a commercial photograph­y school, which is why we make our students print CMYK images right from the basics. Today with digital image capture and printing, students are habituated to seeing backlit images, which are quite misleading and flattering. In stark contrast to front-lit (PRINT). The exposure and light control for print media are based on the principle of the compressio­n curve, wherein accurate rendition of shadow details without noise or pixelizati­on, highlights with printable details and millions of hues of grey.

It is compulsory for graduating Mastercraf­tsman students to print their portfolios as coffee table books. Their feedback has been that it is easier for market penetratio­n as the client knows from the printed portfolio, that they have the knowledge and expertise required for the client’s print jobs.

They can compare the digital image with the printed image and gauge if there is any noise, pixelizati­on or accurate colour rendition in the printed image VS backlit image.

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Girish and Hridgandha Mistry
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