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Zubin Mehta Photograph­y & Art, Mumbai Commercial photograph­er with a special interest in portraits and fine art.

- @artofreloo­k Zubin Mehta

Question: Recently I came across a lavishly printed brochure that you have created to promote your work. What made you come up with a printed brochure in this digital age?

Response by Zubin Mehta: I love to create dramatic mood-based images through my lens. I also love to follow light and shade which in turn comes up with unusually fantastic shapes.

Print is perceived to be the oldest form, from the prehistori­c days, of reproducin­g Art. A print induces you to see the picture in its full colour and strength. The more pictures you see in a print form it increases your desire to print more. With technology growing faster by the day, you get to see a variant of prints on different substrates.

After shooting a set of mood-oriented pictures, my dad came up with this idea that we should turn it into a book, keeping in mind our prospectiv­e clientele and pitch similar ideas to them which in turn would serve as long-term memories.

The idea of doing prints is to have images find a new home for itself which in turn also helps me generate new business.

I would persuade all photograph­ers to print more of their work and also promote print to their clients, wherever possible.

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