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Sweta Gregory is a teacher. She owns an Epson L360 inkjet printer since 2018. She often prints documents, worksheets, lesson plans, project work, and photograph­s.


Question: What made you invest in a home printer and how satisfied are you with the purchase?

Sweta Gregory: Actually, we bought this printer considerin­g our kids rememberin­g their project work at the last hour of the day, when most shops are about to shut or already shut, and their eyes popping out that “why can’t we have a printer of our own?” Since we couldn’t change them we upgraded our home IT wardrobe. Also, since we had not yet entered the covid digital age, there were occasions when we wasted time searching for that one passport-size photo which we never found on time. So, this printer came in handy at such crucial times too.

Then came the covid digital era, when almost everything went online including the schools. Earlier, we used to write our lesson plans which range from 5 chapters to 15 and year after year we had to upgrade it leading to rewriting hundreds of pages each year. But now we are making it digitally and taking prints and upgrading it digitally every year, thus saving time and effort.

Now there are worksheets which children have to do in classes. Prints of these were earlier photocopie­d by outsourcin­g it. Currently, it is done in-house and all last-minute changes are easily factored in.

Then there are a lot of class activities which have to be conducted and a lot of pictures and placards are required. An in-house printer really comes in handy at these times too.

There are some beautiful images captured by everyone in the family – images of sunrise, sunsets, friends and families, at home and during travel etc. A printer at home gives us an opportunit­y to print whenever required and also share these prints with others.

I would surely recommend families to invest in a colour printer. It will change life for sure. Try it with kids. They will start innovating in ways we can never imagine. Apart from several print-related creative projects, a printed photograph makes us happy. Try it, you will not regret it.

 ?? ?? Sweta Gregory, Teacher
Sweta Gregory, Teacher

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