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In­tE­rIor DE­sIGnEr NomItA KoHlI oF WISMA ATRIA IN­TE­RI­ORS HAs lAunCHED RuBEllI CAsA Col­lEC­tIon At HEr DE­sIGn stu­DIo WISMA ATRIA IN­TE­RI­ORS At LADo SArAI, NEw DElHI. THE Col­lEC­tIon prom­IsEs to GIvE you tHE BEst wAy Com­Fort wHICH CAn BE A mAr­vElous AD­DI­tIon to lIFt­InG tHE ovEr­All Dé­Cor oF your spA­CEs. THE Col­lEC­tIon Com­prIsEs oF BEAu­tI­Fully DE­sIGnED Fur­nI­turE AnD lIGHts suCH As so­FAs, DIn­InG CHAIrs, DIn­InG tA­BlEs, CHAn­DE­lIErs, sIDE tA­BlEs, ot­tomAn. THE pAvEl soFA Is Com­plEtEly An up­Hol­stErED soFA wItH loosE sEAt CusH­Ion AnD tIGHt BACk on A Con­CEAlED mAplE wooD plIntH BAsE fin­IsHED In Brown mA­HoGAny. Tel: +91 11 4107 6115

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