Sabu­dana Wada

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100 g sago (sabu­dana)

20 g crushed peanuts

10 g sendha na­mak

5 g su­gar

10 g cumin seeds

50 g potato

10 g chili pow­der

5 ml lemon juice

10 ml ghee

10 g raisins 50 ml oil

The art of mak­ing:

To pre­pare this recipe, take a bowl and add sago and wa­ter in it. Soak for at least 2 hours or till it gets fluffy. Once it’s done, drain the ex­cess wa­ter and trans­fer the sago in a bowl. Keep it aside for 2-3 hours. Take an­other bowl and add 2 boiled pota­toes in it. Peel and mash them well us­ing hands. Mean­while, roast 1/2 cup of ground nuts in a pan over medium flame. Once done, trans­fer the nuts in a bowl and keep them aside. Now add 1 tsp oil in the same pan and heat it over mod­er­ate flame. Add cumin and raisin in it. Sauté for few sec­onds and then turn off the flame. Mix the sago, boiled pota­toes and crushed ground nuts to­gether in a bowl. Add salt, lemon juice and su­gar in the mix­ture. Pour the cumin-raisin mix­ture in this bowl and mix well. Take por­tions from the mix­ture and form wadas with oiled palms. Heat an ap­pam pan over low flame. Place these wadas in the com­part­ments of the pan and al­low them to cook for 10 min­utes on slow heat. Turn and cook to give it a nice golden-brown colour. Serve the hot Sabu­dana Wada with co­rian­der or mint chut­ney.

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