Fi­nally, when a dream turns into re­al­ity, the client will be more than will­ing to con­firm her or­der and will pay the ad­vance without even be­ing asked for it.

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What are the other ad­van­tages of CAD and hav­ing an in-house 3D printer?

The use of CAD and an in-house 3D printer cuts down the man­u­fac­tur­ing process from 30 days to 3 days. The 3D printer will help in vis­ually con­firm­ing the look and feel of the fi­nal de­sign. This elim­i­nates the time wasted in cre­at­ing a sil­ver sam­ple, or a kari­gar mak­ing the piece in gold from scratch and get­ting ap­provals un­til fin­ished. The first jew­ellery sam­ple takes a week for a kari­gar to make. Al­ter­ations can take another week to im­ple­ment, if any, and fi­nal piece can take another week to com­plete. Fine fin­ish­ing and qual­ity con­trol checks might re­quire a day or two more. Dis­as­ter strikes when the client sees the fi­nal prod­uct and ex­claims that she had a dif­fer­ent pic­ture in mind and this is not what she ex­pected. Since there was no coloured pic­ture or pro­to­type, the jew­eller has to honour the re­quest and add the re­jected piece to the stock and a new or­der is placed. It is found that 40% of cus­tomers change their mind and will ei­ther or­der another de­sign or buy a ready piece from another shop. This is the rea­son most cus­tomers pre­fer ready-to-buy prod­ucts.

Does one need to em­ploy a CAD de­signer in the show­room?

If a jew­ellery re­tailer needs to send a real-time ren­dered graphic of a cus­tomer’s dream de­sign, within a given bud­get, on the same day, it can be done in a few hours. That’s pos­si­ble only when you have a CAD de­signer in-house.

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