Sound­ing the boards, loud and clear!


Bhubaneswar, and Odisha by ex­ten­sion, is per­haps one of the last bas­tions in the coun­try where hockey gets more eye­balls than cricket and hockey play­ers re­main big­ger stars than crick­eters.

For a city that is equal parts old and new, Bhubaneswar has a char­ac­ter that sym­bol­ises both its as­pects. The peo­ple are warm but the city it­self is too well­planned, spe­cially the newer ar­eas, and is de­void of the unique­ness that marks its older sib­ling Cut­tack. What stand out all around, how­ever, are the huge hoard­ings wel­com­ing the world to the city for the Hockey World Cup, the big­gest sport­ing event ever in the state.

Come Novem­ber 2■ and the Odisha gov­ern­ment would be hop­ing all its ef­forts in


A view of the venue: The Kalinga hockey sta­dium in Bhubaneswar looks spic and span be­fore the World Cup.

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