Vi­rat, Ro­hit, hockey!


Some spec­ta­tors do not mind putting on a Vi­rat or a Ro­hit jer­sey and watch­ing a hockey match of the In­dian side!

Cricket is all per­va­sive in our coun­try. The per­fect ex­am­ple of this is seen at the Hockey World Cup in Bhubaneswar! Be­fore the hockey matches fea­tur­ing In­dia, the roads lead­ing to the Kalinga Sta­dium, the venue of the World Cup, sur­prise one as ven­dors sell jer­seys, caps, hats, wrist bands and such which are cricket­cen­tric.

Though hockey jer­seys are on sale also, one can­not miss the cricket jer­seys, dis­play­ing the names of Vi­rat and Ro­hit and flash­ing their num­bers 1■ and 10 re­spec­tively. They record good sales, too, as some spec­ta­tors do not mind putting on a Vi­rat or a Ro­hit jer­sey and watch­ing a hockey match of the In­dian side!

United colours of Aus­tralia

Dur­ing one of their train­ing ses­sions at the Kalinga Sta­dium, the Aus­tralian hockey play­ers were seen wear­ing jer­seys of dif­fer­ent colours in­stead of their reg­u­lar ones.

The pitch was dot­ted with black, white, blue, red, yel­low, grey, green and ma­roon colours in var­ied styles, in­clud­ing loos­e­fit­ting, slim­fit­ting, round­necked and polo.

On en­quiry it was learnt that the play­ers were wear­ing the colours of their younger days when they played for their re­spec­tive clubs. It was a ses­sion that taught the play­ers to value their up­bring­ing even while mov­ing to­wards the fu­ture. What a laudable way to mo­ti­vate! Hats off to Aus­tralia, the top­ranked team in the world.

A charm­ing city

Bhubaneswar, a city which beau­ti­fully jux­ta­poses tra­di­tion and moder­nity, of­fers a lot of op­tions for sight­see­ing. The Khanda­giri and Udaya­giri Jain caves sculpted around the sec­ond cen­tury B.C., the Shanti Stupa atop Dhauli­giri on the banks of the Daya river, which wit­nessed the Kalinga war, one of the blood­i­est bat­tles that trans­formed Em­peror Ashoka’s mind­set and 100s of tem­ples built be­tween the sev­enth and


Heav­enly set­ting: Team cap­tains join Odisha Chief Min­is­ter Naveen Pat­naik for a pic­ture at the Muk­tesh­war Tem­ple, Bhubaneswar, ahead of the Men’s Hockey World Cup 2018. Bhubaneswar has a lot of tem­ples which are a de­light for tourists.

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