The queen of the punches


Box­ing is con­sid­ered one of the tough­est sports in the world and the queen of the ring is our own Mary Kom.

Box­ing is a global sport and to ex­cel in a con­tact sport of that cal­i­bre, one needs top­most skills and fit­ness to match the best of the best in the world. This in­cludes en­durance, speed, agility and power, and also strate­gic think­ing and quick­sil­ver de­ci­sion­mak­ing. One has to be a com­plete ath­lete to be a boxer.

We in In­dia al­ways be­lieved and still be­lieve that we can­not match up to the Cau­casians or coloured peo­ple in con­tact sports, but the myth has been bro­ken by the box­ers and wrestlers who have won lau­rels for our coun­try in re­cent years, in­clud­ing Mary Kom, Vi­jen­der Singh and Sushil Ku­mar, as well as many more in the past.

What does it en­tail for an ath­lete like Mary Kom to be such a su­per­star boxer and cre­ate a world record? Firstly, her grit, de­ter­mi­na­tion and supreme self­be­lief that she can go where no woman has gone be­fore. Also, her coach and en­tire sup­port staff have done a great job to make her a world cham­pion, which is by no means a sim­ple task.

For Mary Kom to peak at the right time, a flaw­less and per­fectly pe­ri­odised regime must be ex­e­cuted.


Stay­ing on top: Grit, de­ter­mi­na­tion and supreme self­be­lief helped Mary Kom go where no woman has gone be­fore.

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