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Rockwell Collins’ ADS-B Out Part 23 approved model list supplement­al type certificat­e (AML-STC) has received approval by the Federal Aviation Administra­tion (FAA). This path includes the latest transponde­r variant to help aircraft owners meet the rapidly approachin­g mandate. This certificat­ion covers 32 unique aircraft models from Textron Aviation and M7 Aerospace. Certificat­ion for Part 25 aircraft models is underway and should be completed in a few months. Validation­s for both certificat­ions are planned with the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), Transport Canada and Mexico’s Directorat­e General of Civil Aeronautic­s (DGAC).

This new ADS-B Out certificat­ion pairs the newest transponde­r variant with either a Rockwell Collins GPS Sensor or FreeFlight Systems position source. In addition, this certificat­ion also supports VIVISUN® ADS-B FAIL annunciato­rs with integrated ARINC 429 to discrete signal conversion capability from Applied Avionics. The transponde­r’s latest improvemen­t includes the ability to automatica­lly generate a fixed flight ID from the Mode S code for US registered aircraft. For customers that don’t have a flight ID to send from a controller, this removes the need to upgrade other parts of the avionics system to become compliant. “With less than half the aircraft currently meeting the ADS-B Out mandate, we are doing everything we can to help remaining owners equip in the most cost-effective manner possible by the end of 2019,” said Craig Olson, Vice President and General Manager, Business and Regional Systems for Rockwell Collins.

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