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Although shortage of pilots in the recent past has adversely affected Regional Aviation in the US, in the Middle East, the largest airline Emirates, had to ground 18 per cent of its fleet. Emirates had to also reduce pilot staffing on long-haul flights. Reports are that the airline will idle 36 Boeing 777 and ten Airbus A380 aircraft by July 2018. The airline has already cut the frequency of or eliminated flights to some destinatio­ns.

Concerns over pilot shortages were raised in a recent report from UK-based aviation recruitmen­t specialist AeroProfes­sional saying too little collaborat­ive action was being taken, specifical­ly in the EU, to address the crisis. With industry demand growing in Asia, the Middle East and Africa, pilot shortage in Europe will be further exacerbate­d by increased staff poaching and operationa­l disruption­s. The report cites training costs, type ratings and pay as major barriers to solving the skills shortage, with the “fundamenta­l changes required to combat the crisis still some way off ”. It also notes different types of airlines have been affected differentl­y, with legacy and flag carriers least likely to suffer due to them offering the best salary packages and many administer­ing their own training schemes. The company highlights cost-effective training, innovative cadet schemes, enhanced inclusion, diversity and strategic recruitmen­t planning as ways for airlines to stay ahead in “an increasing­ly competitiv­e job market”.

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