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- B.K. Pandey Editor

AMAJOR EVENT IN THE RECENT past that will have far reaching implicatio­ns for the global civil aviation industry is a deal for partnershi­p between the US aerospace giant Boeing and the renowned Brazilian aerospace major Embraer to set up a joint venture in which the former will hold a stake of 80 per cent and the remaining 20 per cent will be the share for the latter. Under this deal, Embraer’s commercial jet business will be transferre­d to the joint venture company. Subject to all necessary clearances being obtained, the partnershi­p is expected to be functional by 2019. In this issue of SP’s AirBuz, Sukhchain Singh has a detailed report on this newly announced partnershi­p. The author has an analysis of the implicatio­ns for the other major players in the global civil aviation industry who are likely to face new levels of competitio­n and fresh challenges.

A major issue the global civil aviation industry is confronted with today is that of the adverse impact of the industry on the environmen­t, not only through the emission of Greenhouse Gas, but in a myriad of other ways beginning with the decision on location and constructi­on of airports as also its ground operations. Anil Chopra has a detailed review of the problem that prevails worldwide and delves into the initiative­s underway as well as the measures necessary to minimise the ill effects of this segment of business on humanity.

While India has one of the fastest growing markets in the world, the environmen­t is highly competitiv­e for the airlines in the private sector. In an exclusive interview with Jayant Baranwal, Editor-in-Chief, SP’s AirBuz, Sanjiv Kapoor, the Chief Strategy and Commercial Officer of Vistara, a full service carrier set up in the private sector five years ago through a joint venture between Tata Sons and Singapore Airlines, catalogues the challenges the airline faces, the opportunit­ies ahead, its aspiration­s to bring back the charm of flying, efforts the airline is devoting towards this aim as well as its plans and strategies for the future.

Looking at the future, Arpita Kala talks about the unmanned aerial vehicles, commonly referred to as Drones. However, successful employment of Drones in civil society will require formulatio­n of regulatory provisions and their implementa­tion to ensure safe integratio­n with other manned air traffic, drafting of standard operating procedures and large scale training. In an interview Dewang Gala, Co-founder of Pigeon Innovative Solutions, a Drone Survey and Aerial Photograph­y Company, delves on the various issues related to employment of Drones by the civil society. Both these articles figure in this issue of the magazine.

Another major event on the global civil aviation scene is the Farnboroug­h Internatio­nal Airshow (FIA) that is being held from July 16 to 22 this year at Farnboroug­h in England. When it began, it was an annual event. However, since 1962, it became a biennial event alternatin­g with the Airshow at Paris, another major global event. This year at the FIA, around 1,500 companies are to exhibit their products and 150 aircraft will be on display. The Airshow is expected to host over 1,50,000 visitors from trade as also from the public. In a curtain raiser, Arpita Kala has a detailed preview of the event in this issue of SP’s AirBuz.

All this and more in this issue of SP’s AirBuz. Welcome aboard and wish you happy landings!

Jai Hind!

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