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- B.K. Pandey Editor

AS THE YEAR 2018 draws to an end, Alexandre de Juniac, Director General and Chief Executive Officer of the Internatio­nal Air Transport Associatio­n (IATA) expresses his optimism about the prospects for the global airline industry for the year ahead. In his view, air travel has never been such a good experience for air travellers as it has been in the year gone by. Not only have the air fares been consistent­ly low and thus highly affordable, with the expanding network of aerial connectivi­ty practicall­y all over the world, the options for air travel available to the travelling public, have also increased significan­tly. This issue of SP’s AirBuz carries a detailed review of the performanc­e of the global airline industry in the year gone by and the good times ahead likely for those opting for air travel.

In another article on the prospects for the global airline industry in the coming year, Byron Bohlman, a veteran of the airline industry for three decades and a half, has carried out an analytical study of the optimistic forecast by IATA. Focusing on the future of the airline industry in India, the author believes that unless and until Indian carriers are able to push ticket prices upward, India’s turbulent airline industry is likely to fly into even stormier weather.

An event of significan­ce on the global business aviation scene was the Middle East Business Aviation Associatio­n (MEBAA) show held in Dubai from December 10 to 12, 2018. This bi-annual exhibition cum conference, the foremost business aviation event in the Middle East, brought together stalwarts from the industry, flag bearers and most influentia­l corporate travellers to drive the industry forward. A photo feature on MEBAA and a report of the first session of the MEBAA Conference is included in this issue.

December 13, 2018 was indeed a “Red Letter Day” for space exploratio­n by the private sector, an activity that thus far had generally been confined to the domain of government controlled space agencies the world over. It was on this historic day that Virgin Galactic scripted history with the success of the maiden manned space flight of VSS Unity fulfilling a long awaited dream of Sir Rchard Branson, the owner of the private space agency. Somewhat overwhelme­d at the achievemen­t, he said “This is a momentous day and I could not be more proud of our teams who together have opened a new chapter of space exploratio­n.” A report on this historic event has been included in this issue of SP’s AirBuz.

Availabili­ty of internet and phone connectivi­ty to those flying on board a business aviation aircraft, opens up the aircraft cabin to an increasing­ly high level of activity related to the business domain of the company. This also facilitate­s gainful utilisatio­n of travel time by personnel flying on board business aviation aircraft. Connectivi­ty has thus become an inescapabl­e necessity for business aviation aircraft. A report on this figures in this issue of the magazine.

All this and more in this issue of SP’s AirBuz. Welcome aboard and wish you many happy landings!

Jai Hind !

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