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From the jet en­gine through to the de­signs for the Con­corde, Farn­bor­ough is the home of pi­o­neer­ing spirit and this July’s Farn­bor­ough In­ter­na­tional Air­show will hon­our the town’s her­itage by fea­tur­ing the next leap in avi­a­tion progress: the man who de­fies grav­ity.

Real-life ‘Iron Man’, Richard Brown­ing, will fly - us­ing more horse­power than a For­mula 1 car - above the run­way at the Air­show on Sat­ur­day 21 and Sun­day 22 July 2018.

Wear­ing the spe­cially de­signed, light­weight Grav­ity Jet Suit, Richard is pi­o­neer­ing a new era of hu­man flight.

The £250,000 Grav­ity Jet Suit is in ef­fect, a minia­ture Har­rier air­craft. Small jet en­gines are mounted on each arm and be­hind the back. The suit can pro­duce 144KG of thrust to achieve ver­ti­cal take-off and flight. Us­ing his body as the air­frame, Richard’s arms con­trol speed, thrust and di­rec­tion.

Richard Brown­ing, Founder and Chief Test Pi­lot, Grav­ity In­dus­tries, says: “We are de­lighted to be demon­strat­ing the Grav­ity Jet Suit at the Farn­bor­ough In­ter­na­tional Air­show in July this year. Along­side other lead­ing in­dus­try pioneers, Grav­ity will be shin­ing a light on a whole new era of avi­a­tion now made pos­si­ble.”

For­mer City oil trader, en­tre­pre­neur and Royal Ma­rine Re­servist, Richard Brown­ing founded Grav­ity In­dus­tries in April 2017. Since then the com­pany has grown rapidly as has the patent pend­ing Jet Suit ca­pa­bil­ity. Last Novem­ber he en­tered the Guin­ness World Records books for the fastest speed in a body con­trolled jet en­gine pow­ered suit.

Group Mar­ket­ing Di­rec­tor for Farn­bor­ough In­ter­na­tional, An­drew Pearcey says: “All as­pects of flight are cel­e­brated at the Farn­bor­ough Air­show. Richard’s in­cred­i­ble in­ven­tion is a glimpse into the fu­ture and we hope our vis­i­tors will feel in­cred­i­bly ex­cited watch­ing him defy grav­ity and fly.”

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