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De­signed in the 1950s, the T-38 Talon is a tan­dem, two-seat air­craft that be­came the world’s first and most pro­duced su­per­sonic trainer with over 1,100 be­ing built and thus far, has trained an es­ti­mated 72,000 pilots from the US Air Force, for­eign na­tions and NASA. It has been af­fec­tion­ately nick­named “white rocket” due to its thrust-to-weight ra­tio. Since en­ter­ing ser­vice, each ac­tive air­craft has re­ceived struc­tural, avion­ics and propul­sion up­grades that have kept the air­craft up-to-date and have al­lowed many air­frames to ac­cu­mu­late as many as 20,000 hours of high-G su­per­sonic flight. To keep them go­ing, the 575th AMXS T-38 Talon de­pot main­te­nance team has been pro­vid­ing cur­rent up­grade mod­i­fi­ca­tions known as Pacer Clas­sic III since 2015 and have to date, suc­cess­fully com­pleted them on 40 air­craft. The mod­i­fi­ca­tion in­volves re­plac­ing 185 sep­a­rate pri­mary struc­tures such as longerons, bulk­heads, skins and for­mer as­sem­blies, in­spect­ing and as­sess­ing the life of 155 ad­di­tional com­po­nents and re­pair­ing or re­plac­ing hun­dreds of other parts.

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