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Jan­uary 15, 1935, ‘A’ Field Brigade, com­pris­ing four ba eries of horse­drawn guns, was raised at Ban­ga­lore. ‘A’ Field Brigade was the first Ar­tillery unit to be of­fi­cered by In­di­ans.

2 Lt (later Lt Gen­eral) P.S. Gyani was the first In­dian of­fi­cer to be com­mis­sioned into an Ar­tillery unit. The East In­dia Com­pany raised the first reg­u­lar com­pany of Ar­tillery in 1748, with a small per­cent­age of In­dian Gun­ners called Gun Lashkars, Tin­dals and Serangs. Bom­bay Ar­tillery was raised on Septem­ber 28, 1827 and was later on re­named 5 Bom­bay Moun­tain Ba ery. Thus Septem­ber 28 is cel­e­brated as the ‘Gun­ners Day’. In 1937 the moun­tain ba eries were trans­ferred to the In­dian Ar­tillery, which later be­came 1st In­dian Field Reg­i­ment. The generic ti­tle the Reg­i­ment of In­dian Ar­tillery was con­ferred upon the new Arm. World War II saw In­dian Gun­ners in ac­tion in East and North Africa, Mid­dle East and dis­played val­our and ded­i­ca­tion. By the end of World War II, In­dian gun­ners had won one Vic­to­ria Cross, One Ge­orge Medal, 15 Mil­i­tary Crosses, two IOMs, 22 IDSMs, 18 Mil­i­tary Medals, five OBEs, among oth­ers. Dur­ing 1947 In­dian Ar­tillery was allo ed eigh­teen and half of all types of ar­tillery reg­i­ments while Pak­istan was allo ed the re­main­ing nine and half units. Dur­ing the J&K op­er­a­tions of 194748, in the first week of Novem­ber 1947 when four 3.7 inch how­itzer reached the area. The ar­tillery units helped in driv­ing out the in­fil­tra­tors, suc­cess­fully de­fended Srinagar air­field and sub­se­quent route of Pak­istani tribes­men in Jammu re­gion and Kash­mir Val­ley. Against China in 1962.

The Ar­tillery broke the a ack of the Chi­nese who came through Bum La Pass by en­gag­ing the Chi­nese by 7 (Ben­gal) Moun­tain Ba ery. They also pro­vided the cov­er­ing fire to ex­tri­cate 4 Moun­tain Di­vi­sion. In the Ladakh sec­tor 13 Field Reg­i­ment and 38 Field Ba ery played a sig­nif­i­cant role to de­fend Chushul heights. Ma­jor re­struc­tur­ing of Ar­tillery took place a er 1962. Be­fore the 1965 war ar­tillery was called upon to counter Pak­istani evil de­signs in the Rann of Kutch in which 11 Field Reg­i­ment, 17 Para Field Reg­i­ment and Air Ob­ser­va­tion Post made the Reg­i­ment proud. 1971 War with Pak­istan.

In the West­ern sec­tor ar­tillery played ma­jor role in cap­ture of im­por­tant Pak­istani pi­quets in Ladakh, Kash­mir, Ra­jauri, Jammu, Pun­jab and Ra­jasthan. In the Kargil op­er­a­tions dur­ing 1999, Reg­i­ment of Ar­tillery un­leashed a bl­iz­zard of fire power which over­whelmed the Pak­istan Forces by sys­tem­at­i­cally de­stroy­ing the en­emy’s de­fenses. The brave gun­ners con­trib­uted im­mensely in hoist­ing the Tri­color hoisted on Tiger Hill and mul­ti­ple peaks of the high Hi­malayas in Kargil dis­trict, will be al­ways re­mem­bered for ever.

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