Un­lim­ited Use of the ADS As­sault Ri­fle


COM­BAT DIVER UNITS AP­PEARED in our coun­try in the lat­ter half of six­ties. In 1967 an In­shore Un­der­sea War­fare Unit was or­ga­nized (IUWU) at the Black Sea fleet. The rea­son for this was ac­tive for­eign devel­op­ment work on reg­u­lar com­bat diver units to per­form com­mando-type re­con­nais­sance op­er­a­tions. Fresh in the mem­ory was the wreck of the Novorossiysk bat­tle­ship hap­pened in the bay by Sev­astopol on 29 Oc­to­ber of 1955. Although as­sump­tion of sab­o­tage was least prob­a­ble (even now), to write off such dan­ger was im­pos­si­ble. The divers of counter un­der­wa­ter war­fare sup­port re­quired a weapon ca­pa­ble of un­der­sea fir­ing.

The 5.66-mm APS as­sault ri­fle and 4.5mm SPP-1 pis­tol de­signed for this pur­pose are of par­tic­u­lar in­ter­est in the range of un­der­wa­ter weapons due to un­usual en­gi­neer­ing solutions.

De­spite the ad­van­tages of the sys­tems, a sig­nif­i­cant short­com­ing with them is in­ef­fec­tive­ness when fir­ing on land. In ad­di­tion, it must be noted that life of the APS as­sault ri­fle when fir­ing on land is just 180 shots. There­fore, spe­cial forces go­ing on a com­bat mis­sion both un­der­wa­ter and on land, had to take two weapons: un­der­sea for wa­ter and reg­u­lar for sur­face com­bat.

Modern marine spe­cial forces are mul­ti­func­tional be­cause they mostly com­prise uni­ver­sal com­bat divers ca­pa­ble of per­form­ing any tasks: un­der­wa­ter sab­o­tage in en­emy’s sea­ports, pro­tec­tion of wa­ter ar­eas against en­emy un­der­wa­ter swim­mer sabo­teurs and while do­ing so, act as nor­mal scout sabo­teurs on land. Rus­sian and for­eign ex­pe­ri­ence of us­ing by such units con­firms that they ful­fill their tasks on land in 80 – 90 % cases. There­fore, such units re­quired to have spe­cial mul­tipur­pose (un­der­wa­ter and above wa­ter) in-ser­vice weapon, a sort of uni­ver­sal am­phibi­ous ri­fle. Its fir­ing ef­fec­tive­ness (ac­cu­racy, group­ing, ar­mour pen­e­tra­tion), how­ever, must equal the 5.45-mm AK-74 as­sault ri­fle on land and 5.66-mm APS as­sault ri­fle un­der wa­ter.

In 2007, KBP Sub­sidiary TsKIB SOO com­pleted its devel­op­ment work on the 5.45-mm ADS spe­cial am­phibi­ous as­sault ri­fle, des­ig­nated as ADS that solved the prob­lem of fir­ing un­der and above wa­ter.

The ob­jec­tive of de­vel­op­ing the ADS as­sault ri­fle was to cre­ate a spe­cial am­phibi­ous as­sault ri­fle and spe­cial un­der­wa­ter car­tridge to re­place the in-ser­vice APS as­sault ri­fle as a com­bat weapon for spe­cial forces of the Rus­sian Navy.

The as­sault ri­fle is de­signed for en­emy man­power en­gage­ment and fire weapon neu­tral­iza­tion:

- on land – when fir­ing as­sault ri­fle with any stan­dard 5.45 x 39 mm car­tridges and un­der­bar­rel grenade launcher with stan­dard 40-mm VOG-25 and VOG-25P rounds;

- un­der wa­ter – when fir­ing spe­cial un­der­wa­ter 5.45 x 39 mm car­tridges. It was made pos­si­ble by de­vel­op­ing a new un­der­wa­ter car­tridge with the same over­all di­men­sions as stan­dard land car­tridges.

The ADS spe­cial am­phibi­ous as­sault ri­fle with in­te­grated un­der­bar­rel grenade launcher fea­tures bull-pup lay­out that en­ables shorter as­sault ri­fle length in com­par­i­son to con­ven­tional lay­outs (with the same bar­rel length), en­hanced ma­noeu­vra­bil­ity, bet­ter bal­ance and elim­i­nates un­fold­ing/fold­ing of the butt­stock.

For­ward ejec­tion of fired cases with sealed re­ceiver re­duces gas con­tam­i­na­tion at shooter’s face, pre­vents from in­jur­ing by a case when work­ing in a group, also (un­like side­ward ejec­tion) makes it pos­si­ble to fire by a left or right-handed shooter with­out swap­ping any parts.

Use of im­pact-re­sis­tant plas­tic, spe­cial ma­te­ri­als and coat­ings con­trib­utes to en­hanced cor­ro­sion re­sis­tance and lower weight of the weapon.

A gas reg­u­la­tor added to the gas sys­tem en­ables to switch be­tween “wa­ter” and “air” gas op­er­a­tion.

At present, the ADS as­sault ri­fle is being tested by marine spe­cial forces sub­units of the North­ern, Black Sea and Pa­cific fleets of Rus­sia. It has been pos­i­tively eval­u­ated by the units em­ploy­ing it for its ver­sa­til­ity and com­pact size.

For the first time in global prac­tice, one weapon al­lows the com­bat diver to per­form mis­sions un­der wa­ter and on land. The ad­ver­to­rial is based on ar­ti­cle of V.I.Bolot­nikov and B.A.Volkov

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