Thun­der­ing Ar­tillery: Strength­en­ing In­dia’s De­fence Ca­pa­bil­i­ties

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AR­TILLERY IS INARGUABLY THE most lethal form of land-based ar­ma­ment cur­rently em­ployed. To­day In­dia has made sig­nif­i­cant progress in the field of indige­nous Ar­tillery with the com­pli­men­tary skill sets of pub­lic and pri­vate sec­tor en­ter­prises.

Larsen & Toubro (L&T) is the In­dian Ar­tillery’s big­gest part­ner for equip­ment sup­ply. The Com­pany is ex­e­cut­ing or­ders for 100 Tracked SP Guns K9 VA­JRA-T, 6 Reg­i­ments of Pi­naka Launch­ers with Com­mand Posts and 100 Grad BM 21 rocket launcher up­grades. L&T is build­ing a state-of-theart Ar­moured Sys­tems Com­plex at Hazira (Gu­jarat) equipped with test track and ob­sta­cles to eval­u­ate gun sys­tem mo­bil­ity.

The Com­pany has in­vested many years in R&D and both with DRDO as well as in­de­pen­dently, and has de­vel­oped var­i­ous tech­nolo­gies for Ar­tillery Sys­tems. L&T has in­tro­duced tech­nolo­gies like the all-elec­tric drives, ganged electro-me­chan­i­cal ac­tu­a­tor sys­tems, silent watch ca­pa­bil­i­ties in its rocket launch sys­tems like the Pi­naka and the Grad BM-21 Up­grades. Lever­ag­ing its indige­nous de­sign, de­vel­op­ment and pro­duc­tion ca­pa­bil­i­ties, L&T has ef­fec­tively adapted world­class ar­tillery weapons for the In­dian en­vi­ron­ment. A typ­i­cal ex­am­ple is the K9 VA­JRA – 155mm/52 cal­i­bre gun sys­tem which had four­teen (14) in­dige­nously de­vel­oped crit­i­cal sys­tems like the Fire Con­trol Sys­tems, Di­rect Fire Sys­tem, Am­mu­ni­tion Han­dling Sys­tem, etc. even at the user eval­u­a­tion phase. L&T has also de­vel­oped and im­ple­mented var­i­ous other sys­tems like the Aux­il­iary Power Packs, Air-con­di­tion­ing Sys­tems, Fire Fight­ing Sys­tems, NBC Pro­tec­tion Sys­tems, Am­mu­ni­tion Han­dling Sys­tems, etc., as per spe­cific re­quire­ments of In­dian Ar­tillery.

L&T has also suc­cess­fully de­vel­oped the com­plete Un­der­car­riage Sys­tems for 155mm/52 cal­i­bre towed ar­tillery guns. Such sys­tems in­clude very high power den­sity power packs, sus­pen­sion cum re­trac­tion ac­tu­a­tors for de­ploy­ing the guns, var­i­ous crit­i­cal but light weight struc­tures like the trails and other struc­tures. Th­ese indige­nous de­vel­op­ments have suc­cess­fully com­pleted qual­i­fi­ca­tion and user tri­als, thus af­firm­ing L&T’s indige­nous de­vel­op­ment ca­pa­bil­ity.

With its ex­pe­ri­ence and ca­pa­bil­i­ties, L&T is ready to sup­port the In­dian Ar­tillery with cus­tom- built Ar­tillery so­lu­tions like the mounted guns or ul­tra-light guns, ex­tended range multi-pur­pose rocket launch­ers, guided rock­ets and tac­ti­cal UAVs.


K9 VA­JRA-T, 155mm/ 52 Cal Tracked Self Pro­pelled Guns at L&T’s Hazira fa­cil­ity

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