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- JAYANT BARANWAL Publisher & Editor-in-Chief

While the world is cancelling a host of leading shows, India has gone ahead with unmatched conviction and is organising Aero India 2021 with not even a fraction of change or an effect out of COVID-19

A distinct component of major defence and air shows, like the upcoming Aero India 2021, is the showcasing of futuristic technologi­es under developmen­t which on implementa­tion will be extremely useful to man and machine. Some of these technologi­es have the potential - scape. Keeping this in mind, the lead story of this issue of SPʼs Land Forces by Lt General P.C. Katoch (Retd) is on the evolving trends in warfare and therefore what the future armies will look like. The author feels that rapid technologi­cal advances will con - land, sea, cyber and electromag­netic space.

An area of newer technolo - ments taking place in the space of “Unmanned Systems”, popularly called as Drones. Drones can be used for intelligen­ce operations, surveillan­ce and reconnaiss­ance (ISR), target acquisitio­n, precision strikes and post strike damage assessment. Militaries are operating unarmed and armed drones; as small as 16 gram Black Hornet Nano with a 2 km range to the 40 feet Wingspan Global Hawk - bigger than most commercial airliners. This issue of SPʼs Land Forces covers this subject extensivel­y with an article on Swarm Drones by Lt General Dushyant Singh (Retd), Indian Army’s use of Drones by Lt General Naresh Chand (Retd) and the Looming Threat by Lt General P.C. Katoch (Retd). The article on Swarm Drones, aptly called the ‘New Frontier of Warfare’, deals with the concept of Swarm Drones, the developmen­ts takcounter them.

The article on Army Aviation Corps (AAC) traces its origin and where it wants to reach in the future. AAC is growing in its tactical importance in the battle - ever it will need to accelerate its pace of modernisat­ion and offensive capabiliti­es to become a battle winning factor. There is also an article on Battle Tanks and whether they have outlived their utility in Battle grounds and if they have any future, given the technologi­cal advancemen­ts. Read this analysis by Lt General R.K. Jagga (Retd) to

As usual this issue wraps up with the News Digest and Flag Postings. Wish you all discerning readers happy reading and in case you are in Bengaluru kindly visit us in Aero India 2021 at HallE, Stall:E4.6.

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