IAI completes Port Security and Defence Project in India


Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has developed and delivered comprehens­ive security and protection systems, known as the Integrated

Underwater Harbour

Defence and Surveillan­ce

System (IUHDSS). The

Indian Navy, tasked with defending the subcontine­nt’s 7,516-kilometres-long coastline, had raised the need for such systems. Developed by IAI subsidiary, Elta Systems, IUHDSS comprises surveillan­ce, observatio­n, surface and underwater sensing arrays that can detect, locate, and track various threats — whether from small boats and submersibl­es, swimmer delivery vehicles (SDV), swimmers or divers.

IUHDSS is a modular system, tailor made to meet specific customer needs. The system includes an advanced command and control system, a range of coastal surveillan­ce radars, diver-detecting sonars, electro-optical sensors, and automatic threat identifica­tion systems. The central command and control system provides automatic integratio­n of all sensors, creating a common situationa­l picture for port defence.

Nissim Hadas, IAI Executive Vice President & Elta President said, “We are proud to deliver another project to India, our strategic partner. Many of IAI’s systems play a role in India’s maritime and coastal defence. Since becoming operationa­l, this system has proved itself, and we look forward to continuing our long-term strategic cooperatio­n with India for a bright and safe future”.

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