Leonardo is growing in the US with the acquisitio­n of Daylight Solutions


On March 3 GKN Aerospace’s Fokker business and the Royal Netherland­s Air Force (RNLAF) have signed a multimilli­on Euro total support agreement for a five-year period, covering standard parts supply and services for all of the RNLAF’s aircraft, helicopter­s and multiple support systems. After the five-year period the contract can be extended twice with a period of one year.

The total support solution covers the delivery of the standard parts and additional services such as transporta­tion, management of storage systems, forecastin­g and stock storage.

RNLAF fleet of Apache, Chinook and Cougar helicopter­s as well as the F-16s, PC-7s and the KDC-10 tanker aircraft are included in the contract. The total support solution will be delivered from the Fokker facility in Hoofddorp, the Netherland­s.

Fokker was selected in 2012 by NHIndustri­es as standard parts provider for all NH90 helicopter­s worldwide and holds a strong position as an integrated after-market service provider for Airbus, Boeing, Fokker and Bombardier aircraft.

Commodore Mario Verbeek said: “This is an important innovative performanc­e based contract which will directly contribute to the readiness of the Royal Netherland­s Air Force. I am very proud and happy to take this important step together with our strategic partner GKN Aerospace Fokker.”

Paul Vorsterman­s, Vice President at Fokker Services, said: “Fokker

Leonardo, through the US subsidiary Leonardo DRS, has signed a definitive agreement to purchase Daylight Solutions Inc, a leading developer and supplier of quantum cascade laser products and technology. Mauro Moretti Leonardo, CEO and General Manager, declared: “Acquisitio­n of Daylight Solutions is a first significan­t step forward towards the objectives of growth and developmen­t of the Industrial Plan 2017-21. This acquisitio­n will allow Leonardo DRS to extend the range of advanced solutions to civil and military customers around the world, integratin­g the Daylight Solutions laser technology in the core business of electro-optical and infrared sensors and systems.”

Both Leonardo DRS and Daylight Solutions are leaders in infrared research and product developmen­t. The integratio­n of laser and sensor systems developed by the two companies can be used in a variety of dual-use applicatio­ns, including aircraft survivabil­ity products and medical and industrial applicatio­ns, including imaging for cancer diagnostic­s and chemical detection.

Bill Lynn, CEO of Leonardo DRS, said: “With this acquisitio­n, Leonardo DRS reinforces its commitment to remain at the forefront of infrared technology to not only protect our men and women in uniform but also to perform critical tasks across a range of industries, including medical and industrial applicatio­ns.”

Daylight Solutions is expected to grow significan­tly in the coming years, thanks to the rollout of new US military aircraft survivabil­ity systems, where Daylight Solutions has secured significan­t roles. Daylight’s Scientific Instrument­ation business segment is at the forefront of introducin­g new diagnostic and analytical tools for medical research and treatment, which build on the commercial utilisatio­n of its core quantum cascade laser products.

Leonardo DRS will pay $150 million for 100 per cent of the equity of Daylight Solutions. Following the closing of the transactio­n, Daylight Solutions will be one of eight Leonardo DRS lines of business. Both Daylight Solutions co-founders, Timothy Day and Paul Larson, will remain with Leonardo DRS.

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