De­fence Spend­ing for Mar­itime and Coastal Se­cu­rity

The In­dian Navy has been al­lot­ted 8,965.37 crore un­der var­i­ous heads as com­pared to last yearÕs 4,968.13 crore; al­most a dou­ble jump. Like­wise, the In­dian Coast Guard has been al­lot­ted 1,054.81 crore in rev­enue bud­get as against last yearÕs re­vised es­tima


“Tak­ing into ac­count the dif­fi­cult eco­nomic sit­u­a­tion both at home and abroad, the Fi­nance Min­is­ter has done a good job.” ÑDe­fence Min­is­ter A.K. Antony af­ter the pre­sen­ta­tion of the

Union Bud­get 2013-14

The IN­dIaN UNIoN BUd­GeT is an­nounced ev­ery year on Fe­bru­ary 28, just be­fore the Ides of March. The Ides of March refers to the 15th day of many months in­clud­ing March which was ded­i­cated to ÔMarsÕÑ the Ro­man God of War and cel- ebrated as a mil­i­tary pa­rade. Mars is also con­sid­ered as a guardian of agri­cul­ture. The ear­lier slo­gan of ÔJai Jawan, Jai KisanÕhas been re­placed by the cur­rent Fi­nance Min­is­ter P. Chi­dambaram by ÔJai, Youth, Woman and the PoorÕ. only time will tell whether the de­fence bud­get 2013-14 will sa­lute the mil­i­tary or there will be more slip­pages in mod­erni­sa­tion, es­pe­cially for the army.

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Now for some num­ber crunch­ing. The share of de­fence in the bud­get is ` 2,03,672.12 crore (about $37.03 bil­lion), ZKLFK JLYhV d VyPeRoLF KLNh RI deRXW fiYh per cent but ac­tu­ally does not cover the LQfldWLRQ. &RPSdUhG WR WKh GD3, LW LV 1.79 per cent of it, way off the de­fence forces wish­list of three per cent. The re­vised es­ti­mate for 2012-13 was ` 1,78,503.39 crore (about $32.46 bil­lion). Thus com­pared to it, the hike is 14 per cent, but this could be an il­lu­sion as the re­vised es­ti­mate of 2013-14 will be an­nounced later when the ac­tual hike will be known. There was also a cut in the bud­get of 2012-13 by ` 10,000 crore from the cap­i­tal bud­get and ` 4,904 crore from the rev­enue bud­get, amount­ing to a to­tal cut of ` 14,904 crore (about $2.71 bil­lion). The rev­enue bud­get for the army is ` 81,833.93 crore, Navy ` 12,194.43 crore, air Force ` 18,295.10 crore, the de­fence Re­search and de­vel­op­ment or­gan­i­sa­tion (dRdo) ` 5,552.57 crore and for the ord­nance fac­to­ries it is ` 944.62 crore. There are two more tak­ers in the rev­enue head


Sec­ond Boe­ing P-8I Air­craft for

In­dian Navy on its first flight

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