Cap­i­tal Bud­get

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Cap­i­tal bud­get has been al­lot­ted un­der many heads like land, con­struc­tion, naval flhhW, QdYdo GRFNy­dUGV, RUGQdQFh IdFWRULhV, D5D2, 5dVKWULyd 5LflhV, hWF. 7KhUh LV doVR dQ in­ter­est­ing sub­head named ÔPro­to­type de­vel­op­ment un­der make pro­ce­dureÕ. The to­tal cap­i­tal bud­get is ` 86,740.71 (about $15.77 bil­lion). out of this, the al­lo­ca­tion un­der key heads for the army, Navy and air Force is as IRooRZV. $oo fiJXUhV ehoRZ dUh LQ FURUhV dQG UXShhV, dQG WKh fiJXUhV LQ WKh eUdFNhWV LQGL­cate the re­vised es­ti­mates in 2012-13.

Air­craft and aero en­gines

army Navy air Force To­tal army Navy air Force To­tal army ` 9,758.86 (`7,116.69) Navy ` 2,192.82 (`2,840.44) air Force ` 11,505.65 (`5,945.53) To­tal ` 23,457.33 (`15,902.66) Grand To­tal ` 59,314.35 (`44,987.88)

The ord­nance fac­to­ries have been al­lot­ted ` 433.96 (`399.96) crore and dRdo ` 5,057.60 (4,640.0) crore.


The army has been al­lot­ted a to­tal of ` 13,311.02 crore (about $2.4 bil­lion) for mod­erni­sa­tion un­der var­i­ous heads. The im­por­tant schemes which take pri­or­ity are rais­ing and equip­ping the strike corps for the North-eastern sec­tor, ac­quir­ing 155mm guns in their var­i­ous ver­sions, mod­erni­sa­tion of army air de­fence which has been lan­guish­ing for al­most three decades and re­plac­ing the age­ing light util­ity he­li­copWhU flhhW RI WKh $UPy $YLdWLRQ &RUSV. 7Kh moun­tain strike corps may cost as much as ` 60,000 crore to ` 80,000 crore spread over the Twelfth Five Year Plan from 2012-17. The ar­tillery ur­gently re­quires about 1,500 how­itzers of 155mm cal­i­bre. Twenty-six years have passed since the last in­duc­tion ` 1,527.79 (`2,367.86) ` 6,708.71 (`2,122.69) ` 25,539.59 (`22,555.44) ` 33,776.09 (`27,045.99)

Heavy and medium ve­hi­cles

` 2,024.37 (`1,959.21) ` 53.74 (`5.00) ` 2.82 (`75.02) ` 2,080.93 (`2,039.23)

Other equip­ment

of the ver­sa­tile 155mm Bo­fors how­itzer. The process has been started, ter­mi­nated and restarted many times but some hur­dles have al­ways come in the way. In­dia also needs 145 ul­tra light how­itzers for the moun­tains and about 300 tracked and wheeled guns for the ar­moured and ar­tillery di­vi­sions which are ex­pected to cost about ` 20,000 crore. In 2003, In­dia is­sued a re­quest for pro­posal (RFP) for 197 light helicopters worth be­tween $500- mil­lion and $600 mil­lion to buy 60 helicopters out­right, with the re­main­ing 137 be­ing built un­der li­cence by the hin­dus­tan aero­nau­tics Limited (haL). This RFP was with­drawn just be­fore it was to be signed. Since then the re­quire­ment for light util­ity helicopters has been kept un­der sus­pended an­i­ma­tion and one is not sure as to when it ZLoo eh fiQ­doLVhG. 7Kh UhYhQXh eXGJhW FdWhUV

The share of de­fence in the bud­get is 2,03,672.12 crore, which gives a sym­bolic hike of about five per cent but ac­tu­ally does not cover the in­fla­tion. Com­pared to the GDP, it is 1.79 per cent of it, way off the de­fence forces wish­list of three per cent.


Up­graded INS Sind­hu­rak­shak sub­ma­rine

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