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Lock­heed Martin, Mis­sion Sys­tems & Train­ing has been awarded a $5,87,85,716 cost-plus-in­cen­tive fee, cost-plus-fixed fee con­tract for the US and UK D-5 nav­i­ga­tion sub­sys­tem en­gi­neer­ing sup­port ser­vices. This con­tract pro­vides for the US and UK fleet sup­port, the US and UK trainer sys­tems sup­port, Ohio class SSBN en­gi­neered re­fu­el­ing over­hauls, the US and UK SSI4 trainer sys­tem, SSBN-R strate­gic weapon train­ing sys­tem and train­ing sys­tem devel­op­ment, UK suc­ces­sor sup­port, soft­ware mod­erni­sa­tion and linked au­tonomous pro­grammed nav­i­ga­tional oper­a­tional trainer mod­erni­sa­tion. The max­i­mum dol­lar value in­clud­ing the base pe­riod and one op­tion-year if ex­er­cised is $11,42,36,770. The work is ex­pected to be com­pleted by April 2017.

BAE Sys­tems Tech­nol­ogy So­lu­tions Inc. has been awarded a $5,65,17,376 cost-plus-fixed fee, cost-plus-in­cen­tive fee con­tract for the US and UK D5 strate­gic weapons sys­tems pro­grammes, US guided mis­sile sub­ma­rine at­tack weapons sys­tems pro­grammes, nu­clear weapons se­cu­rity and fu­ture con­cepts. The max­i­mum dol­lar value, in­clud­ing the base pe­riod and two op­tion years, is $17,13,58,761. Work is ex­pected to be com­pleted by Septem­ber 30, 2014.

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